We offer first-rate services for all your IT related needs. They include, but aren’t limited to:

We evaluate the state of your technology so that we can determine the right road to take to improve/fix/maintain your IT infrastructure to ensure the best for your business. We advise on the most efficient method to meeting this goal with the least amount of interruption to your business.

This isn’t an area that is always considered as part of the IT world, but as an expert in the field, our knowledge can really make a difference. We know the best and correct equipment for your needs as well as the best deals so that you can get more for your money. We’ve managed purchasing for both small and large scale companies, always keeping cost and value in mind.

We don’t just tell you the best route to take to get your business where it needs to be with regards to your IT infrastructure, we make it all come to life. We discuss best methods for implementation to ensure that business disruption is kept to a minimum, and then implement any hardware and/or software changes/updates/upgrades as necessary based on those discussions.

Tech Support:
You don’t want your employees wasting their time trying to fix or understand a computer/software/server issue when it can be easily and quickly handled by us. As experts, we have a better understanding of issues as they arise and a much quicker turnaround time in resolving the issues. Contracting with a company whose core competence is supporting hardware and software is key. We offer same day and next day on-site services for all our customers.

Once your system is up and running to your satisfaction, it needs to be properly maintained to ensure it continues to do so. Technology is an ever changing world and with that, there needs to be constant updates – from server upgrades to security patches, firewall maintenance to computer maintenance and everything in between. The most important part of your IT infrastructure is keeping it current and up-to-date as part of proper maintenance.